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Joest said:
Lying about an electric car's performance is also quite common. Electric car are tested at ridiculous speed, on a flat track and they are charged with a special charger.
I don't think that the F3 DM and the e6 are fakes. Although it is true that they haven't been really tested yet. But the Chevy Volt or the Peugeot Ion haven't been tested either.

You are so right Joest. All the claims to long ranges and quick charges are all just that, claims. I'm waiting to hear that SAE or some other standards organization has established some reliable standards with which we can compare products. But not until these models see some volume sales and some significant miles accumulated, will we be able to know what's true and what's distortion in all the claims that are being thrown at us.
While the possibilities are really exciting to imagine ,its going to take a long time before we can get our arms around this technology and its performance.
Anyway it's intruguing to think that it's been done the early
20th century before being abandoned for the fossil fuel burner.
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