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I've got mixed feelings about this article.

All the manufacturer are doing reverse engineering. Either they can buy a car and dismantle it or they can go to a car show and take as many things as possible. Last year, I was in Geneva. 5 minutes after the Tata Nano was introduced, some spys disguised as journalist took the rear windshield!
It has multiple purposes (getting access to a new technology, understanding the weakness of a competitor, comparing a competitor with your products, etc.)

Lying about an electric car's performance is also quite common. Electric car are tested at ridiculous speed, on a flat track and they are charged with a special charger.
I don't think that the F3 DM and the e6 are fakes. Although it is true that they haven't been really tested yet. But the Chevy Volt or the Peugeot Ion haven't been tested either.

I also don't believe the story of a "machine-less" factory. You can't built 400 000 cars by hand! Erik, have you visited any of Byd factories?
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