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Re: Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle

martin_krpan said:
As Tianjin Qingyuan is offering same cars as Miles Automotive in United states, is it then possible that they are suplying Americans with cars and not FAW and Hafei?
Yes, there is a bit of confusion here Martin.
From what I can tell Miles Automotive's "Coda" Saibao EV project is dealing directly with Hafei, not Qingyuan. Whereas in the case of the Miles Happy Messenger, FAW built the body while Qingyuan then fit it with a powertrain before exporting it to the U.S.. I think the Hafei-built pickup bodies headed for the U.S., get Qingyuan powertrains in the same way.

Coda also has a joint venture agreement with the traction battery company Tianjin Lishen, to source its batteries. Lishen, as the above indicates, happens to be a shareholder of Qingyuan.

The Coda project is getting its powertrain from a U.S. company called UQM, not Qingyuan. It's being imported by Hafei for this. Incidently the latest "China tire tariff" issue could make these parts expensive if China decides to retaliate.

By the way who makes this A0? Hafei? It's different from JAC's A0.
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