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South African McCarthy Motor Holdings started selling Meiya's pick-up and SUV in SA.

First article:
Cape Town - "Acceptable quality" and "value" were the catchphrases bandied about at the launch of the latest Chinese imports with prices on the Meiya range, which includes single- and double-cab bakkies and SUVs, starting at R89 900.

The Meiya bakkies and wagon are offered in three derivatives - two engine choices and two specification levels.

The base 2.2 units have colour-coded exterior trim, power steering and front and rear fog lamps. Deluxe models add airconditioning, electric windows, remote central locking, radio with front-loading CD player and power windows and exterior mirrors.

For South Africa, the wagon loses the rear-mounted spare wheel that is now placed beneath the body. This has resulted in the third row of seats being sacrificed, but given the size of the wagon, that would be a squeeze anyway.

Power steering, air-conditioning, central locking, colour-coded trim, front and rear fog lights and adjustable steering column are standard on the base model, while the Deluxe adds central air conditioning, front loading CD player, leather interior trim and roof racks.

The wagon and Deluxe double cabs come with a driver airbag.

Driving it

On the road, the four-cylinder 2.2-litre petrol unit, which produces 76 kW at 4 600 r/min and 190 Nm of torque at 2 400 r/min and whose origins can be traced to Toyota, and the Isuzu-sourced 2.8-litre turbodiesel that develops 68 kW and 202 Nm at 3 600 and 2 300 r/min respectively, are able performers.

All models ride on an independent front suspension and rigid axle plus leaf springs combination that ensure a jiggly but not uncomfortable ride on the mix of tar and dirt roads that made up our launch route.

The vehicles are not the most refined specimens on our roads, but they certainly appear robust. Stopping duty on all models is the responsibility of front discs and rear drums.

The cabin may not be the most comfortable, but the hard plastics and cloth seat covers appear durable and should withstand the demands of the hard, workhorse-type activities these vehicles are likely to be subjected to. Payloads on the bakkies range from 745 kg to 830 kg.

Power steering, though light, was rather unpredictable on some models, and the gearshift to the five-speed transmission was spongy with way too much travel.

Apart from the burning smell that crept into the cabin of the deluxe double cab my driving partner and I were sharing and preceded the failure of all electrical functions, including indicator signals and hooter, the drive was rather "ordinary". Excessive wind noise was a feature on all the models driven.

All vehicles are sold with a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty and are fitted with the Datadot vehicle identification system.

Prices include automatic membership to Club McCarthy, which includes benefits such as free roadside assistance and emergency medical response, service discounts and membership to a holiday accommodation club.


Single cab

Base 2.2 - R89 900
Deluxe 2.2 - R106 900
Deluxe 2.8 turbodiesel - R129 900

Double cab

Base 2.2 - R114 900
Deluxe 2.2 - R126 900
Deluxe 2.8 turbodiesel - R144 900


Base 2.2 - R139 900
Deluxe 2.2 - R149 900

More to come

South Africa was identified as a key export opportunity for Chinese manufacturers Meiya and Foton and McCarthy has also managed to secure the rights to market these in other right-hand drive markets in Africa.

However, McCarthy's Jolyon Nash, McCarthy executive director in charge of distribution and imports has assured that this is only planned for a later date once the local business model is entrenched.

A range of passenger cars is likely to make an appearance shortly, though McCarthy executives have admitted that they have not been able to source anything from the Chinese market that would be able to meet its minimum quality requirements yet.

Aftersales back-up

In South Africa though, these new entrants will receive full parts and servicing back up from a total of 41 outlets throughout the country.

These McCarthy Value Centres include 12 full service dealerships (sales, servicing and parts) in major areas, and 29 service dealerships also mandated with the servicing of out-of-warranty vehicles.

70 trained technicians are placed at the dealerships. The number of dealerships is expected to expand to 20 by next year and 40 by 2009.
and second:
McCarthy Motor Holdings' Meiya range of diesel and petrol pick-ups is now available at McCarthy Value Centre outlets across the country.

The Meiya line-up includes two engine derivatives, a 2.2-litre petrol engine and 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine.

The most affordable products in the range are the Meiya 2.2-litre Single Cab bakkie that retails at R89 900, as well as the Meiya 2.2-litre Double Cab selling for R114 900.

McCarthy says it is committed to provide customers with vehicles that are optimised for South African operating conditions and quality standards, but at a reasonable price.

The 13 McCarthy Value Centres now house a new vehicle sales section, servicing and parts (McCarthy ValueServe) and used vehicles (Call-a-Car Direct).

In addition, there are also already 29 McCarthy-controlled and fully-owned ValueServe service and parts centres open nationwide, which provides a professional and complete after sales service at affordable prices to Meiya customers.

According to McCarthy it is therefore able to offer full after sales in terms of service and parts, all at attractive rates thereby reducing cost of ownership.

Meiya vehicles are sold with a 1 Year/ unlimited kilometre warranty. Service is at 15 000 km intervals for the vehicles with petrol engines and every 10 000 km for the diesel variants.


# Meiya Single-Cab Pickup: R89 900
# Meiya Single-Cab Pickup Deluxe: R106 900
# Meiya Single-Cab Pickup Diesel Deluxe: R129 900
# Meiya Double-Cab Pickup: R114 900
# Meiya Double-Cab Pickup Deluxe: R126 900
# Meiya Double-Cab Pickup Diesel Deluxe: R149 900


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Thats right kids, everybodies favorite Chinese suv brand is back from relative obscurity!! Tianqi Meiya was down for a short time without any webste or anything, but something possessed me to go check up on them for old times sake and (GASP) THEY ARE BACK. Laofan probably new this and just didnt want to tell me tho lmao.

THere website is quite spiffy, and WHo can forget such classic models such as the TM6500AD2?? or everybodys favorite, the "MINIBUS".

The dormant Autobol project has had much setbacks not only with the American Recession (where a lot of my money comes from), but with the report that chinese cars are making its way into Bolivia from Peru. Nontheless I am hopefull that my project can continue with maybe one generic suv and an electric car fitted with a moped engine just like the ADAM guys in Pakistan.

Tianjin Sanfeng TJ6481AJQ3:

TJ6510 and TJ6481AJQ4C:


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Intro about the company.

Tianjin Tianqi Group Meiya Automobile Manufactory Co.,Ltd. (MeiYa Automobile) is the total state-own vehicles-producing enterprise under Tianjin Tianqi (Automobile Industry) Group.

In 2003, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced MeiYa the qualification of making vehicles, the symbol of Tianjin automobile.

In 2005 MeiYa has the Licence of Import & Export and the CCC- Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certificate, CAQC-Quality Management System Certificate, E-Mark Certificate in 2006 for European and Arabic markets. Trade mark is MeiYa.

MeiYa locates west of Tianjin city, with 130,000 square meters, 150 managers and technicians & engineers in senior position, and total capital RMB106, 030,000. (equal USD$15.6 million)

MeiYa has the production line of welding, painting, punching and quality examination, with necessary power, the energy and other equipment facility. Production capability is 40,000 automobiles every year.

MeiYa products are the TM6500 SUV - multi-purpose commerce vehicle, the TM6490 Haice - light minibus and TM1020 LuChen - pickup, total 3 series including right-hand drive for export.

For developing Tianjin automotive industry, (TMCCPC)Tianjin Municipal Committee of CPC (Communist Party of China) and (PGTM) the People’s Government of Tianjin Municipality have outmost supported MeiYa with policy and capital. TMCCPC and PGTM have planned to invest RMB2 billion (equal USD$260 million) to purchase 1200mu (equal 800,000 square meters) in Tianjin Airport Logistic Development Zone to build modern automotive manufacturing base in 2009 with output 150,000 vehicles yearly.

MeiYa has been focusing on developing the products with economy and humanity at the time improving quality and meeting variety demand from the customers.

MeiYa will cooperate honestly with importers and dealers from all over the world and warmly welcome friends in line from every corner of the world to come MeiYa for business.

Current lineup.






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Tianjin MeiYa pickup

Tianjin MeiYa are not a big name car manufacturer, in fact looking over their car sales it seems that they sold just two SUV’s in January, which doesn’t come as a major surprise. What could be considered a surprise is their addition of a Range Rover grill to their new pick up truck (left). Looking over their website, they even call the truck the ‘Zhi Hi’ (Wise Tiger) which is not too far from Land Rover’s own ‘Lu Hu’ (Land Tiger) Chinese name.

Under the hood the Range Rover Truck carries a four cylinder gasoline 2.2L engine from Great Wall which in all likelihood won’t sound nearly as glorious as the V8 engines in real RR’s, but the good news is that this truck is likely to be in the 80,000rmb range which is rather more affordable, plus you don’t have to cut the roof off a real Range Rover.

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Tianqi Meiya revival attempt; new pickup; sale offer

Recent developments

Back in 2013-14 it was reported widely that Hawtai had acquired the Meiya auto production assets and was planning to restructure operations (see this thread for a discussion from 2014). Anyway, as of January 2017, Tianqi Meiya is still part of the BENEFO group (Tianjin Baili Equipment).

In the meantime, Meiya had continued work on a new, larger plant situated on Jingfu Highway in Xiqing district, about 5 km away from its old "Sanfeng" factory. A new website was set up around April/May 2016.

Xianghu (TM1021Q3L) pickup:

This new pickup is featured on Meiya's current website. The media, in general, has published no information on this vehicle yet.

In 2015, there was practically no production by Meiya (less than 20 units). In 2016 (as of November), a run of about 500 pickups were made, almost all between April and July. It is not clear whether these were older models or the new one, or a mix of both.

Offer of sale

Revenues in 2015 were just 7 million RMB with an operating loss of 152 mn RMB and a net loss of 156 mn RMB. In 2016, up to November, revenue was 4.6 mn, operating loss 11.3 mn, and net loss 10.6 mn. Given this dismal state of affairs, the Baili management decided in late 2016 to put the entire company up for sale (along with liabilities) with the approval of Tianjin SASAC. Accordingly, in January an offer of sale has been published (Link 1, Link 2). The disclosure reveals that Tianjin Baili still holds 100% of the equity of Tianqi Meiya. It also reveals that Hawtai in fact had made some investments towards reconstruction and installation of a coating line and welding line for their A25 and B11 models.

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New model:
The cab section was previously used on the TM1021Q2W & TM1021Q2LW pickups about 5 years ago. Otherwise, the above are mechanically identical to the Xianghu (different grille and bumper) revealed last year; note that the NDRC codes are the same (TM1021Q3/L).

Same or similar pickups were on sale by Higer, Kama, Dongfeng, Hengtian, ZX Auto not long ago, and all of them flopped or were phased out. Makes one a little skeptical about the potential of these models in the marketplace, moreover Meiya might have lost all cred with the customer base in all these years when it had remained more or less idle.

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Here is some interesting info:

In September 2016, Hawtai Group established two new companies, Tianjin Meiya New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Meiya Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Binhai New Area of Tianjin.

Tianjin Meiya Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Tianjin Meiya New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., and the latter, in turn, a 100% subsidiary of Hawtai Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

The name Tianjin Meiya Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is deceptively similar to Tianjin Tianqi Group Meiya Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ("Tianqi Meiya") which is owned by BENEFO. We did read some years ago about Hawtai taking over Tianqi Meiya assets but later it transpired that it did not happen. So why did Hawtai establish two companies with similar names in Tianjin in late 2016?

See their profiles:
Tianjin Tianqi Group Meiya Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Meiya New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Meiya Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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In view of the weak performance of the Benefo's Meiya described above, Hawtai may have planned a (hostile) takeover, as it did SG Automotive earlier. Of course the license of established companies like Tianqi Meiya, is coveted by many.
I was unable to open the websites, to view profiles.
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