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Tiger may get to import the Tiger

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In the final outcome it may be none other than Tiger Truck of Texas/Oklahoma that gets the chance to import Zhongxing's Grand Tiger to the U.S.. has reported that Chang'an is in talks with Zhongxing with an interest in acquiring the latter. Seems that Chang'an would like to add the mid-sized pickup trucks to its lineup of vehicles. If Chang'an does get approval to make the acquisition, it's possible Tiger Truck may then see fit to add the Zhongxing pickups to its list of Chang'an work vehicles imported to the U.S., and other North America destinations.

But has also reported that FAW and GM are in talks with Zhongxing with regards to ways of cooperating......whatever that turns out to mean. FAW would like some substantial pickups and SUVs to upgrade its current rinky dink offering in that segment.

(See the full (short) stories released this past week at

Meanwhile "the original Chamco", would-be importer of Zhongxing to the U.S., is still hopeful that it can bring Zhongxing to its senses, so that the latter reverses its recent decision to cut ties. The website mentions an imminent meeting between the two former collaborators. (see

Finally, Zhongxing has big dreams of diversifying, as seen in its new 51/49 venture with its Changchun-based partner Chanlin (Changling). But for want of investors willing to inject capital, progress there has been slow.
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Newest info from Gasgoo.

After terminating the contract with its former partner, the New Jersey-based vehicle importer CHAMCO (China America Cooperative), Chinese maker of pickups and SUVs Zhongxing Auto is set to explore the U.S. market by joining hands with Changan Auto, reported The Beijing News today.

A Zhongxing insider told the newspaper that Changan Group's vice president recently visited Hebei-based Zhongxing Auto to talk about jointly exploring the American market in the future. The two sides have agreed to develop a special "mini-truck" model together as an initial product for export to the U.S., with other models to follow up.

Their jointly-developed models for export to the American market will be assembled by Zhongxing Auto out of components from suppliers of both companies, and the finished vehicles will be exported to the U.S. through Zhongxing's overseas sales network. Analysts said that Changan Auto would take this opportunity to acquire Zhongxing Auto and make it an SUV and pick manufacturing base of Changan.

In mid-July when the talks were underway between the two Chinese automakers, there were three American "guests" seen on their inspection tour of Zhongxing's factories, research and development center, and other facilities, making detailed inquiries about the production, quality control, and logistics of the pickup maker.

It is obvious that Zhongxing-Changan's joint plan for exporting pickups and SUVs to the U.S. is set for implementation soon. According to its global growth agenda, Changan Auto aims to sell 200,000 vehicles overseas in 2010, with the United States and Europe as its major target markets.
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