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I'm working on a report on China's economy and am interested in collecting time series data on car sales (both passenger cars and total vehicles). However, no data source that I know of has them (not even China Data Online), and my only solution so far has been to google individual monthly news articles, get the CAAM monthly updates (which only go back until late last year), and rummage through the statistics thread here on this site.

I would be very appreciative if anyone could help me out with this because it seems the only other places I can get the data are paid sites which I can't afford. Anyway, here's what I have collected so far:

Passenger car sales:

Jan-08 660.0
Feb-08 490.0
Mar-08 772.4
Apr-08 600.0
May-08 560.0
Jun-08 522.0
Jul-08 462.0
Aug-08 451.3
Sep-08 552.8
Oct-08 538.5
Nov-08 522.9
Dec-08 584.6
Jan-09 610.6
Feb-09 607.3
Mar-09 772.4
Apr-09 831.0
May-09 829.1

Total vehicles:

Jan-08 860.0
Feb-08 660.0
Mar-08 1,060.0
Apr-08 920.0
May-08 840.0
Jul-08 665.9
Aug-08 629.0
Sep-08 751.5
Oct-08 717.5
Nov-08 685.1
Dec-08 644.0
Jan-09 735.9
Feb-09 827.6
Mar-09 1,109.8
Apr-09 1,153.0
May-09 1,119.7

Data for the first half of 2008 is probably off since I've estimated it from year-on-year figures, and some of the results look a bit dodgy. I'm looking to go as far back as possible, preferably to around 2004-5, but even just 2007 would make me happy.

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