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Before start this thread, I respect all the opinions of the people.
Hello CCF readers, Flavio's here. When I read a Chinese car news on, there are some people that say "Chinese cars are a piece of sh*t, buy Mexican" "Chinese cars are bad quality cars, they won't reach 50K km (unproven because ALL car of the world, reach AT LEAST 100.000 km)", and that crap without fundaments. They act like kids, they talk like they're owners of a BMW (In person one guy told me that Geely is damaging Volvo's name [absolutely false, unproven, no fundaments]), but they're owners of a simple Fiat Duna S '95, or, they are trolls of brands such as Chevrolet, Ford, PSA Group brands, VAG Group brands...
Ashamed of that kind of stupid people, have one and opine later.
I remember of some trolls like Real_I_Hate_China (he said all the crap of the Chinese cars) in the late '00s on CCF, he was banned, and now no one knows about him.
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