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10. Toyota overtakes Ford, becoming the world's number two automaker. Next year, the news will be that Toyota is the largest automaker in the world, thus proving that like unpaid parking tickets or alcoholism, ignoring the needs of your customers will catch up with you.
9. MG sold to Chinese firm. In early July, it was announced that Nanjing Motor company had purchased the venerable English nameplate from parent company Rover. New MGs will be made in Oklahoma, of all places.
8. Gas prices go through the roof. In major cities, prices spiked to over three dollars a gallon. Get used to it people. This is only going to get worse.
7. Top Gear host injured. While attempting to break the British land speed record, the jet-powered dragster Richard Hammond was driving flipped, resulting in serious injuries. He has since made a full recovery.
6. Domestics tear up Formula D. Sure, drifting started in Japan, but 2006 saw all-American models like the Mustang, Camaro and Viper tearing up the track.

5. Clear Wheels debut at SEMA. Are they ridiculous? Yup. Expensive? Of course. Will that stop people for shelling out 5,000 bucks a piece for them. Nope.
4. London puts a sin tax on SUVs. If you want to bring your Chelsa tractor into the city during rush hour, you'll pay a fifty dollar penalty.

3. No American car makes the Consumer Reports top ten. More ba news in an already bad year for Detroit.
2. Michael Shumaker retires. The most successful driver in the history of Formula 1 hung up his helmet.
1. Toyota enters NASCAR. Reaction to this news was decidedly mixed, with some fans reacting with rage. Personally, I don't think it's racing if you only turn left, but I'm curious to see how the cars perform.
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