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Tokyo, Japan, June. 12, 2006 - (JCN Newswire) - Toyota Motor Corporation announced today that Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (SFTM), a joint vehicle-production company established with China FAW Group Corporation (FAW) in China in 2005, has added a second version of the Land Cruiser Prado to its production lineup, raising SFTM's overall annual production capacity from 20,000 units to 23,000 units.
The newly added version of the Land Cruiser Prado - the higher-grade Land Cruiser Prado VX - started rolling off the line today at SFTM's Chengdu Plant, which also makes the Land Cruiser Prado GX(*1). Both versions are for the Chinese market; until now, the Land Cruiser VX sold in China was only made in Japan.
Like the Land Cruiser Prado GX, the Land Cruiser Prado VX is to be sold through FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.'s approximately 220 authorized dealers, which started accepting orders from customers today. The Land Cruiser Prado VX is priced at 558,000 Chinese yuan (approximately 7.87 million yen).
With this latest development, Toyota's total annual vehicle production capacity in China now stands at 343,000 units. Outline of SFTM
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Guangzhou Toyota to introduce hybrid cars.

May 13, 2008 - As Toyota’s latest plant after established three years ago, Guangzhou Toyota Motor has introduced two of three Toyota global strategic models. Guangzhou Toyota will bring hybrid cars to the domestic market with Camry as the best platform, the joint venture said last week.

When Guangzhou Toyota is considering introducing hybrid cars, China’s market demand should be looked into and the consumers’ concept will be guided, said vice general manager of Guangzhou Toyota. “The current mass-produced cars could be mounted with the hybrid technology to raise their sales. I believe this is a good strategy to introduce hybrid cars to China with Camry as the platform.”

Since Guangzhou Honda has launched 3.5L Yaris now, people have asked whether high-emission Camry will come out to enter C-class vehicle market or not. “That’s not necessary now. But it is quite possible that Camry models are to be added as sales improve and the consumer base expands. Besides, Toyota can also put out an all-new model to meet the market demand because of its richer line-up of products than Honda,” said Feng Xingya, vice general manager of Guangzhou Toyota.

The number of Guangzhou Toyota dealerships in Beijing has now increased to 9 from 7, and will reach 11 by the end of this year.
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Toyota to build Lexus in China?

June 4, 2008 -Toyota Motor Corp, Japan's largest auto makers, plans to invest RMB 1.5 billion to boost production capacity of the No. 2 plant of Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co Ltd, according to Toyota's recent announcement. A new production line may be built to make Toyota's new model Lexus locally in China.

The plant's production facilities, which principally specialize in producing Reiz and Crown, are expected to produce 150,000 vehicles upon the completion of the investment, up 50% compared with the current 100,000 units, the statement said. It will also establish R&D center to further intensify its research and development power of car models.

In addition, Toyota may consider building Lexus production line in China if the model's annual sales reach 30,000 units, said a senior executive at Toyota's China venture. In the first ten months of 2007, Toyota sold 22,102 units of Lexus, a sharp increase of 136% from a year earlier. Sooner or later, Lexus will be locally made for the fast-growing Chinese market, and the second plant of Tianjin FAW Toyota is seen as the best facility for this mission.

Tianjin FAW Toyota has three plants in China, producing its best-selling models such as Vios, Corolla, Reiz and Crown. The total capacity of these plants is 420,000 vehicles annually.
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it was just a matter of time till toyota built lexus in china, every big market nation does and eventually they cant send imported lexus cars to meet chinas demand..too much money to ship
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Toyota builds new China plant


Toyota Motor Corp said on Monday it would build a new, 4 billion yuan ($584 million) factory in China with local partner FAW Group Corp, bringing its planned local production capacity to 1 million vehicles a year.

The factory in Changchun, Toyota's sixth with the FAW Group, will produce 100,000 Corolla cars a year, adding to Toyota's current capacity of 643,000 cars a year in the world's second-biggest auto market. The 50-50 partners, which held a groundbreaking ceremony for the plant on Monday, have not decided when production would begin.

Toyota has already announced plans to expand two of its other car plants with FAW. It also has plans to add a second, 120,000-units-a-year line at its factory in Guangzhou with its other local partner, Guangzhou Automotive, in mid-2009, eventually raising the line's capacity to 200,000 units a year.

The planned additions and expansions would bring Toyota's annual output capacity in China to 1.01 million vehicles a year.

Toyota, the world's biggest automaker, is targeting sales of about 1 million cars annually in China soon after 2010. It also imports all of its Lexus luxury models into China.
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Re: FAW Toyota business news

FAW Toyota which postponed building a new Changchun-based plant back in May 2009 now will go ahead and build the plant which is expected to be completed in 2011 or 2012 with a capacity of 100,000. The RAV4 will be the first product of this plant.
Toyota to launch two China-only brands next year:

Toyota to launch 20 new models in China by 2016:

Following on the report yesterday that Toyota is set to introduce two brands exclusively for the Chinese market beginning next year, word has it that the automaker is planning to introduce 20 new models in China by 2016.

It’s mentioned that of the 20, two small cars will be the among the first in, arriving in the second half of next year. The offerings are a sedan and a hatch – the sedan will come from the JV in Tianjin with FAW, while the hatch will be built at the JV with Guangzhou Automobile.
Toyota officially launched Crown brand to Chinese market as high-end brand. At the moment two models are avaiable, China-made Crown Kluger (Toyota Highlander) and Vellfire MPV.
Vellfire is sold in other countries as well. But in China it wears new badge and has also received subtle cosmetic updates. It retained the Toyota logo on the steering wheel and on the back of the car.
Crown Vellfire is available only as a hybrid with an electrified 2.5-liter gasoline engine with combined output of 163 horsepowers.

【图】皇冠陆放8月18日上市 皇冠品牌正式发布_汽车之家 (

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Toyota/Lexus grilles have advanced from ghastly to laughable. Some years ago a car body adorned with excessive chrome was known as a, "**** wagon". With these models Toyota has earned that title today.
Are they really serious, or just desperate for attention?
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