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wanna be an SUV maker in China?

As Proximal says, do some research....

Everybody and his brother wants to get a piece of the action in China.

So if you wanna produce SUV's and pickups, here's the formula:

There's an outfit down in Guangdong, Nanhai Fudi, that will provide long, and short, wheelbase bodies that are Isuzu derivatives.

Add a frame and the Toyota 4Y-cloned, 491Q four cylinder engine (also easily acquired from about 2 or 3 Chinese engine makers).

Get a ladder frame locally made and have a distinct nose (like the Prado, or Paladin in the case of the GW Sing) designed by your in-house staff.

These hodgepodge vehicles can be seen all over China but their days are numbered as gas prices increase and competition intensifies....
More importantly these makers are garnering good experience and the fittest will likely survive and contribute their own IPR somewhere someday.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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