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Toyota to work with Nanjing on MG/ Austin?

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Reading between the lines of this blog from Nanjing's man in Japan then you might possibly wonder....

If this is true than Toyota could transform Nanjing overnight into China's biggest car maker. Japanese reliabilty/ production engineering, European design and branding, Chinese labour rates, would anyone want to bet against them?
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That can mean anything from buying Hybrid tech to go MGs for US market to Toyota buying the whole corp.

Most major marques have assisted the Chinese with engineering etc ;)
Except that Nanjing is prepared to sell 50% of MG/ Austin off to raise more cash for the business.

Not saying your wrong but a partnership between Nanjing and Toyota could be smart for both companies.
Under the current auto industry policy, Toyota would first have to convince one of its two partners, FAW or Guangzhou, to join it in the investment in Nanjing Auto.
Hyundai is currently faced with this kind of dilemma in its attempts to invest in Huatai Auto. It must first convince one of its current partners, Beijing Auto or Dongfeng, to join with it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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