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track days in Shanghai?

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Hi all. I'm considering a position that would relocate me to Shanghai and I would like to continue participating in lapping days. Generally do about 6 - 8 events a year in California and British Columbia. Could someone point me to resources that will hopefully allow me to continue this should I move?

I currently have 2 cars (which would stay here in Canada) a 350Z and a new project in a 85 Corolla GTS. I'd prefer a dedicated track car more like the Corolla since its cheaper to maintain and get parts for, especially tires and pads. What are some similar type cars readily available in China? Thanks in advance.
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Thanks. Talks are still on so Shanghai may be in my future. What about organized lapping or educational track days? Do you happen to have any resources for this? Thanks in advance.
Which tracks in Shanghai run lapping days? Do you happen to have any websites of clubs that organize days? Lastly how much do lapping days cost in Shanghai? Typical cost is around 200 - 300 USD in the US and Canada depending on the track.

I'm also investigating importing my own track car temporarily with restrictions (unable to sell etc.) though I haven't found much.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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