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Un-be-leivable!!! I have seen the General Motors 'sweat-shop' facility in Oshawa Ontario and it is hard to beleive that the two plants produce autos?
Waste and polution are impossible in the VW enviro due to the transparency in this futuristic 'factory'.
Now, the kicker. The average wage (or so i am told) at a german VW plant is equal to about $65U$D per hour with full health and vacation benefits adding an estimated 35% to that total (2 months anual vacation is the standard there i am told). Maternity/paternity benefits include 2 years furlow with pay to raise your baby. A negative birth rate has resulted in a 'baby-bonus' of nearly $1,000U$D per month if a family has in excess of two children.
Germany amazes me.
It does/provides all the benefits we in north america are told would bankrupt our capitalist system and does so with a smile after being bombed into the stone age just 60 short years ago?
BTW my daily use car is a jetta, in four years of use it has required, fuel, oil, tires and a set of windshield wipers while delivery of +/- 43MPG. It has constantly started in -45 degree canadian winters and came equip with heated seats, vital to canadian climatic survival, lol.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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