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I have the July edition of Car And Driver, the Chinese version.

In it are two group tests:

FAW-Mazda 3, FAW- VW Sagitaar (mk 5 jetta), DPCA Peugeot 307, Changan-Ford Focus and Guangzhou Honda Civic.

prices range from 165kRMB to 211k RMB, thats 20-25k USD. If the 211k VW is excluded, price is from 165k to 176k.

Engine capacity from 1.8 to 2.0. One (VW) has a turbo, some others have variations on the variable cam timing theme. Power from 103-110kw, torque from 174-220Nm. 0-100kph times from 8.99 to 10.33.

Pretty good match by the numbers. I can't read the text so I don't know what they liked best.

second group test is for the lower price equivalents.

Zhonghua M2, Chery A520, BYD F3, Kia Cerato, Hyundai Elantra, Buick Excelle (Chinese Daewoo Lacetti).

Prices from 798k to 128k - about 10k to 15k USD.
Engines from1.6 to 2.0
Power from 74kw to 100kw
Torque from 134Nm to 180Nm
0-100kmh from 11.0 to 12.8 seconds.

The cars are similar in size. There is a clear split by the numbers between two price/ performance groups.

It is this 'lower priced but still a good car' segment that the Chinese are aiming for, which until now has been occupied by the Koreans only.

This probably explains why my Korean mate is so upset about the Chinese targetting this segment, although I belive that Hyundai intends to push onwards and up to the upper segmen in future. If they do this, it will leave a space for the Chinese.

Of course the problem they will face is that here in China these two segments are priced significantly apart, whereas by the time the 100k Chinese car gets overseas, where the 180k foreign car is already cheaper than in China, the savings gap closes.

If I have time I will get someone to translate the conclusions from the test.

Until then I expect Hater will be on to explain why the Korean cars should be in the first group not the second group.
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