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fm.illuminatus said:
... I would never buy a car called "gonow" just as much as I would never buy milk named "gooddrink" or a computer named "fastfun". A purely chinese name would go over much better with American consumers. "Honda" is purely Japanese, and consumers associate the car with the country it came from, something they are comfortable with. But to try and come up with a cheesy American name for a chinese car... american consumers have a sense for knock-offs and crap products (because we have all been raised in a consumer driven society) and any cheesy name instantly says "knock-off" or "cheap". A company that won't spend the money on marketing to make a decent (and unique) name for it's product probably doesn't have a very good product. At least that's the prevailing attitude here in the states, and a concept to which I fully agree.
I agree, they should keep a (more)Chinese name, but they will become the butt of jokes if they keep a name like Gonow. Even if a Chinese name (ex: Dongfeng) might sound wierd today, eventually, it will sound as normal as Toyota, Honda, or Nissan(though Toyota originally debuted as "Toyopet" in the US). I think quality is more important. The Koreans are only now starting to be accepted as quality and reliable vehicles, because the first cars imported were crap(e.g.-Hyundai Excel). If you wait until you can have quality vehicles (with a good name), it will be a lot easier than starting with a vehicle that other manufacturers might have offered last in 1995 (no offense). I know people might now laugh at "Made in China", but in the 50's , "Made in Japan", though it might be hard to believe, was a joke and reguarded as 'something that fell apart just by looking at it'. Nowadays,
"Made in Japan" is reguarded as high-quality and well made. Anyway, if you want to avoid the pain of being perceived as a crap car, you should make sure that your quality and reliability are up to par with the competition, and also is cheaper. With the price of Chinese labor, you can acheive better quality for less, use it to your advantage.
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