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hope to understand that every words has his meaning
It is not just a single word,and even words have different meaning in every country.By the way, different country,different culture.

GO: 出发,行动,进取——广汽吉奥永远向前,永远行进在路上;行者无疆,自强不息。
GO: start, action, enterprising——GAC GONOW will go forward with self-discipline.
GO NOW: 立刻出发,立即行动——立即行动,才能把握现在,掌控未来;立即行动,才能抓住机遇,发展壮大。
GO NOW: Go now, immediately——go now, you can grasp now and size future; go now, you can grasp opportunity and be stronger.
GO ON: 继续,持续——专心致志,锲而不舍,不断追求卓越,不断超越自我,才能实现长远可持续发展。
GO ON: continue—— Only by focus and perseverance, pursue excellence and challenge yourself, you can realize long term sustained development.
GO UP: 攀升,上升——广汽吉奥将始终保持勇于开拓、积极向上的精神,追求新目标,跨越新台阶,实现新突破,创变新格局。
GO UP: Rising, Climbing——GAC GONOW will always keep exploring and proactive spirit to pursue new goals, transcend new step, and realize new breakthrough and new pattern finally.
GO ALL OUT: 全力以赴——无论什么目标,无论何种产品,无论哪道工序,无论哪个细节,广汽吉奥人都会全力以赴,追求完美,以高品质的产品和高质量的服务铺就广汽吉奥汽车走向全球的道路。
GO ALL OUT: Do with all efforts——whatever the goal, whatever the product, whichever work procedure, whichever details, GAC GONOW people will go all out with perfect, that is, pave way for GAC GONOW in globe with high quality product and high standard service.
Except for the combination of “GO”, the GAC GONOW LOGO is also combination of two concentric circles, signifying “same heart” “work together” “keep in step”, and also start from the same point.
同时,同心圆的构图,还表达了广汽吉奥人对中国传统文化中“和” 的理解和领悟,表达广汽吉奥以共生、和谐的姿态谋求发展,以融入行业、融入社会、融入世界为现实追求,期待广汽吉奥事业的良性循环,实现长远可持续发展。
Meanwhile, the concentric circles design expresses the understanding the “harmony” in Chinese traditional culture. It also signs that GAC GONOW pursues development with harmony and integrates into industry, society and world. It is looking forward for the virtuous circle and realizing long-term sustained development.
Two concentric circles---one big and one small, co-existence in perfect, showing old saying “all rivers run into sea”
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