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what's in a name-everything!

as a junior member, i don't know if i should even interrupt this most interesting of discussions. but, coming from actual experience w/marketing chinese trucks in a foreign country, in this case the philippines-w/ch is dominated by japanese car brands, & western (american) pop culture, i have to agree w/ those who put a premium on the right-sounding name brand. yuejin, foton, & great wall, brands we represent are easy on the ears, as well as evoke the "chineseness" of the products. we did not have too much negative reactions from the names, although people keep mistaking foton for the malaysian brand proton, & keep asking what yuejin means (leap forward), i think is a loose translation, pls. correct me if i'm wrong here. now, great wall-thats the right name for a chinese brand! i'm surprised that no one has thought of name brands w/ instant recognition as chinese, e.g. yangtze, shaolin, phoenix, red dragon, leaping tiger, etc. etc. its tough enough in this day & age to do battle against the giants of the auto industry to be hampered additionally w/ a name that evokes chuckles and snide remarks.

my two-cents worth.:)
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