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zzffirst said:
You are right,only GONOW company become the leading company in autombile business,then no one will think this name is a strange name.

We also want to let GONOW's car enter all countries,but it is not easy. We need all friends help.
Why not market the car as Ji'ao though? Honestly, it really is a nice name to pronounce (its catchy like kia and asuna), definitly Pinyin, and may not sound like something you would buy in the back of a flea market (Like a Meiya)

Companies like Dadi and Forta etc. etc. all made the choice to pick a garbage nane to market reBadged honda passports and Toyota Hilux and they are obscure for that alone, regardless if they have good qulity or not. Think about it...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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