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edge said:
Yeah, the name is VERY important. It's not "just a name". Ultimately, a good product will get recognition no matter what. But why make things more difficult by adopting a funny or laughable name?

I mean, Honda and Toyota was once alien to Americans. But as Pyrox said, at least when people heard it, they thought of the car. But Gonow, just sounds very cheesy and not professional at all. It sounds like an immigrant with bad English trying to pick a name, but ends up sounding like a joke. That will make your marketing efforts in the US twice as difficult. I really suggest you change your English name (you dont have to change your Chinese name) at this early stage, so you can make things much easier for yourself in the long run.
Exactly. I would never buy a car called "gonow" just as much as I would never buy milk named "gooddrink" or a computer named "fastfun". A purely chinese name would go over much better with American consumers. "Honda" is purely Japanese, and consumers associate the car with the country it came from, something they are comfortable with. But to try and come up with a cheesy American name for a chinese car... american consumers have a sense for knock-offs and crap products (because we have all been raised in a consumer driven society) and any cheesy name instantly says "knock-off" or "cheap". A company that won't spend the money on marketing to make a decent (and unique) name for it's product probably doesn't have a very good product. At least that's the prevailing attitude here in the states, and a concept to which I fully agree.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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