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Two of the latest models from Volvo Trucks – the Volvo FH and Volvo FM – took the top prize recently, in a competition organised by The China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, owing to their excellent technical ability and outstanding environmental and safety characteristics.

The aim of “The China Recommended Logistics Vehicle Award” is to promote swift development within the Chinese logistics industry and to boost purpose-built, top-quality products that benefit advances in logistics. The jury consisted of vehicle users and experts from both the vehicle and logistics industries.

The modern logistics industry has emerged as a vital factor behind China’s economic growth. National statistics reveal that China’s road transport accounts for 75 % of total domestic transportation, with trucks accounting for the largest part by far.

“Volvo’s trucks set a new standard in China’s transport and logistical development. We contribute to more efficient, safer and environmentally more suitable transport systems within the country and, for instance, already meet the very strictest environmental demands – even though they are not actually required by law so far”, says Fredrik Högberg, President of Volvo Trucks in China.

The new Volvo FH and Volvo FM truck models with their new and cleaner 13-litre engines were launched on the Chinese market in early summer this year.
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