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Volvo Xi’an Silver Bus Corporation

Volvo Bus Corporation – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy buses and Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Limited (XAC), jointly owns Xi’an Silver Bus Corporation.

Silver Bus was established on March 11, 1994. As the first JV company for manufacturing high grade coaches in China, Silver Bus has always been a market leader in providing luxury coaches in the Chinese market since its establishment.

Silver Bus maintains Volvo’s core values of quality, safety, and care for the environment. Using world-class Volvo products and technology, incorporating the superior standards used in aircraft assembly - from XAC, enables Silver Bus to produce the highest standard coaches in China. Consequently, Silver Bus has established and maintained the position of market leader in China’s luxury coach market.

Our policy in Silver Bus is to create safe, reliable and efficient driving conditions and a safe, reliable and comfortable passenger environment. This forms the basis for our design, manufacture, sales and service.

Silver Bus products and service quality and reliability are well recognized and have given us the widespread trust and support of our customers. In addition, wherever possible, Silver Bus employs advanced and environmentally friendly technology. For the increasing number of people, and businesses, concerned about nature and the environment, Silver Bus provides a company prepared to work positively to help protect and improve our natural surroundings, through environmentally friendly manufacture and transportation.

When you purchase a Silver Bus coach, you not only purchase a superb quality vehicle, but also unrivalled warranty and service. Silver Bus places no mileage limit during the warranty period. In addition we provide spare parts, service, repair, technical support and product training, all to the highest standards. All of our customers can rest assured that they will receive comprehensive, high quality service from Silver Bus.


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