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Hello from Germany. As i bought a Bora R FAW front for my Bora/Jetta, i was wondering what underbody is combined with that front bumper.

as you see on the pic, there are allot of holes drilled in it

the r32 stuff wont fit, as r32 is completely different on the bottom.

so there must be some kind of unterbody or engine shield, that fits that bumper. unfortunally in germany we dont have access to the chineese vw market parts. we can order by number, but the system wont tell us the numbers :(

so i am looking for part 1 or 2 of the picture.

can someone help me out and give your local vw dealer a call and ask for the fitting underbody of the bora r line. or maybe can tell me for what all those drilled holes are in the front bumper. thx

would be great.
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