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was running now no start

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Hi everyone Dixiegrand63 here from Maryborough Queensland. I recently bought a 2013 great wall x200 turbo diesel for $1000. has done 180,000kms. I was aware there was a problem with the car when I got it. previous owner did say car was blowing lots of black smoke. I finally got it to run properly with no smoke and was running great till saturday when it stopped and now wont start. I have done everything I can to find problem and keep comin back to fact that it seems to be getting no fuel. I am aware that the petrol versions had a reset switch on them to reset fuel in event of roll over. does the diesel version have this switch and if so where would it be located. I searched the entire car and cannot find it. I have a friend who is a diesel mechanic and he also found out that it is not getting fuel yet he was unable to find the fault. the are no fault codes showing up but did get this message. turbo charger output sensor pressure high yet we cannot find the sensor but he thinks that the fault maybe with the waste gate sensor on the turbo. if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know. I love this car and dont want to get rid of it just because of a fault that I,m not aware of. thanks in advance for any help
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