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DOS said:
I_HATE_CHINA and REAL_I_HATE_CHINA, as far as I am aware, are one and in the same. If I recall properly ASH introduced I_HATE_CHINA to this forum and after he told ASH his password ASH added some posts that mocked his original posts, causing him to assume the new identity REAL_I_HATE_CHINA. As far as I am aware REALLY_I_HATE_CHINA seems to be another user that has mimicked REAL_I_HATE_CHINA's posts and is exaggerating them to make fun of hater's points and posting style.

In terms of I_LOVE_CHINA_TO_DEATH the poster seems to have constructed his pseudonym to counter REAL_I_HATE_CHINA.

This is my opinion on the issue and it might be wrong.
wow DOS, great analysis, seems like u dug this stuff up
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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