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Yes, Olegas you're welcome here to the China Car Forums.
It is a little hard to figure out how to start a new thread on this forum. I understand...

Here's the contact information for good ole Beijing Auto Works, maker of the Land King SUV (LuBa) (陆霸):

Address:Beijing Auto Works
No.51, Fangjiacun, Guangqu E. R.
Chaoyang District, Beijing
P. R. China.100022
Tel: 86-10-87743332-7838
Tel. 86-10-87742817
Fax: 86-10-87742817
E-mail: [email protected]

As for the Derways vehicle, I think that's a Russian made vehicle. Or maybe you meant Denway. That's a company located in Guangzhou in the south of China. Is that what you meant?
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