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A new vehicle badged as VV5 is revealed in the MIIT database. This is a bit larger than the current VV5C/S and the body is different. Note the differences in headlamps, tail lamps and the window lines.

New VV5 specs:

Current VV5:

Current VV5 specs:
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Wey VV5 (CC6460AEM)

The 4.6-m VV5 (non-C/S) was present at the Shanghai Auto Show, but like the Haval H6S, received very little publicity.

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Re: Wey VV5

I think its official...Great Wall has gone drunk...
Wey VV5 "Urban Edition"

The third version is being informally referred to as "Urban Edition" (都市版)
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Wey VV6?

Article believes that the longer "Urban Edition" (CC6460AEM) will be known as VV6. If true, that would at least remove some confusion.

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MIIT records confirm the name as VV6 (unless Wey changes it before launch :D)



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I notice that the grille geometry differs on the red show car from the white prototypes' seen in the older posts.

In 2018:

In 2017:
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