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In Argentina we have (an had too):
DFM trucks (in the past Dongfeng Motors) from 2004? (I've seen one Dongfeng truck with 1999 license plates) to the present.
Lifan: 2016 to the present. Models: Foison Cargo, Foison Truck, X50, X60.
Geely: 2016 to the present. Models: LC, LC Cross, 515 sedan, Emgrand sedan.
Chery: 2008 to the present. Models: QQ, Tiggo, Fulwin, Skin, Face.
Wuling: Probably 1997 to 2001, most likely by a local commercial vehicles importer. As far as I know, they only imported the LZW1010 van, in panel van and passenger van bodyworks, with high roof.
Sanxing Motor: 1996 to 1997, imported by the same way as the Wuling, only the Sanxing Delta truck.
Foton: 2016 to the present. Models: Tunland crew cab pick-up, with Cummins engine.
JMC (Jiangling): 2016 to the present. Only Isuzu-based trucks.
Nanjing Yuejin: 1995 to 2001. Models: NJ130-series.
Chang'an: Assembly plant from 1998 to 2001. Models: SC1010 pick-up.
Yantai: Assembly plant, the same as the Chang'an. From 1998 to 2002. Models: YTQ-series truck.
People ask me: Why a lot of Chinese vehicle brands in Argentina in the '90s? The answer is this:
In the early nineties, the president Carlos Saúl Menem, taking advantage of the fall of the Communist bloc, it began importing objects from countries such as Russia, Romania, China, etc. The work has go down, the imports were too bigger (like cars, trucks, machinery, tools, color TVs, etc.) and the imports from the CIS and Eastern countries were more, more and more. Finally, in the early 2000's, the economical crisis began, the imports stopped and "good bye Dacia, good bye Lada, good bye Chang'an, etc."
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