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What does Chery have for the Beijing Auto Show 2008

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Chery Will Exhibit 26 Models Under 6 Series at the “2008 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition"

April 11, 2008 -- Recently, the reporter got to know from Chery that as China’s national leader in the automotive industry, Chery will exhibit 26 models under 6 series at the “2008 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition” for an exhibition focusing on the latest research and development achievements of the company in fields including model development, hybrids and new energy vehicles, and power train system.

It is known that the exhibition area of Chery is 2,500 square meters. The exhibits include 26 models under 6 series. Both the area and vehicle quantity exceed the scale of the previous years.

With six series, the exhibition scale reaches a new high

Faira Series” undoubtedly is Chery’s biggest highlight. Following Chery’s concept of making high-quality small cars, Faira, born on a new generation of small car platform of the company, covers different models including three-box car, two-box car, sports car and SUV. As a gift to the Beijing Olympics by national auto maker, Faira adheres to energy-saving, emission-reduction and adopts 1.3 L displacement with high-tech human-oriented equipment.

“European Style Family Sedan Series” is another major highlight on Chery’s booth. It is composed of Chery A3 and Chery Storm 2. A3 will come out again since becoming the focus of attention in 2006 at its global debut at the Beijing Auto Show. A3 series of cars including three-box car and two-box car will be exhibited together for the first time, which indicates that A3 is ready to enter the market. While Storm 2 carries the dream of Chery to create a new generation of national car.

“Silver King Series” is composed of the new high-end commercial vehicle of Chery Eastar6. This vehicle is powered by 2.0 TDGI or 3.0L V6 engine. This is a high-end and high-quality official vehicle created by Chery with its designing idea of integrating eastern and western advanced mainstreams through five years of development and 500,000 km road test.

“Brave Warrior Series” is composed of the new Chery Higgo. SUV Higgo2 carries various power assembly and two transmissions of MT/AT to meet the different tastes of the customers. Pickup Higgo3, while adopting flexible power assembly scheme, integrates the popular elements of Crossover Vehicle and Lifestyle which are popular in North America. Being a sturdy and practical tool car, it is also a family vacation wagon carrying culture of pickup.

“Sports Passion Series” is composed of two modified racing cars which are respectively 1.5 VVT sports version Chery A1 and 1.8S sports version Chery A5.

“Oasis Series” is composed of five vehicles of diesel engine, hybrid, fuel cell and flexible fuel etc, which are respectively applied on QQ6, A5, Tiggo3, Eastar and Cross Eastar. This series will focus on demonstration of Chery’s capability in energy saving and environmental protection.

Brand system shows strength with simultaneous attention on three aspects

The future product lineup of Chery can be seen from the company’s exhibits at this auto show. The brand strategy with simultaneous attention on three aspects including launching new brands, building mature brands, and upgrading the current brands demonstrates the complete structure, grand vigor, and maturity of Chery brand system.

The all new brands represent its strength. The new brands including Faira and Higgo are representatives of the further abundant product lineup innovated by Chery. Faira, as gift to the Olympics, reflects Chery’s determination to become the king of small car. Modern small car will bring fiercer market competition. Higgo fills the blank of Chery on SUV and pickup. We can expect it to make tremendous contribution to Chery in its market segment, just as Tiggo.

Value return of old brands: As a historic hero, the older generation Fulwin, together with Cowin derived from it, have made indelible achievements for family cars’ to enter ordinary families and is widely and warmly welcomed by the public. New generation of Storm 2, carries the dream of Chery to build a new generation of national car.

Upgrading of the existing brands: Chery A3 following A5 and A1 further enriches the A series and makes A series a main brand of Chery. Eastar6 injects fresh blood into the Eastar brand. High-quality & high-end commercial vehicle MPV Riich5, multifunctional light passenger vehicle and existing product Riich2 will jointly enrich Riich brand.

According to the exhibits of Chery at this auto show, Chery products lineup will be further expanded, basically covering all areas of the passenger vehicle market segments and expanding to the commercial vehicle field, while the abundant and diverse products essentially support the Chery brand. It seems that Chery will plan and realize upgrading of technology, products and brand, and will continue to march toward “independent international brand”.

Source: Chery
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