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China's eastern coastal cities are probably the best places on earth for Chinese people.....Hongkong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tsingdao......

Many Chinese live around 100 USD a month, probably true, but you have to bear in mind that in China, the living expenses is so low, even comparing to our neighbors like S.Korea and Japan, not to mention the western european nations.

My girlfriend was shocked that a watermelon, in summer, costs less than ONE euro in China and my familiy usually buys these watermelon by volume say 100 Korea you have to pay at least ten times more for a watermelon of no better quality.(I've tasted SK melons,they are the same thing!) Apples and other indegidous household fruits are like dirt cheap in China, while in S.Korea you buy them by the number of FIVE and they are more expensive than their parisian counterparts......

You have to think about the purchasing power. I honestly believe the purchasing power of a Chinese with moderate income in cities like Shanghai and Hangzhou is somehow equal to their S.Korean and Taiwanese counterparts, if not higher.

Hongkies have the same GDP per Capita/Norminal as Japanese do, while their purchasing power is way higher than Japanese.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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