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What brand cell(mobile) phone do you have?

What kind of cell phone do you have?

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I think it's an interesting question. What phone you buy kind of reflects who you are (ex: Nokia=conservative, no nonsense baby boomers. Motorola=fashionistas and trend setters. It's a stereotype, but
I read it in an article somewhere).
I have a Samsung D500 and am currently waiting the iPhone!
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To be honest I don't care about phones as long as I can make make and recieve calls. And of course sms. The phone I have is a Siemens A60 held together with gaffa tape.
I'm a Nokia addict somehow.never owned another brand.not because I2m conservative,but because I'm used to it.
Moto Razr. They're everywhere in the US. The choices is def small in the US since everything ties to the service provider.
Years ago I had a Motorola Flip phone, then a V60, now the Razr. You are correct that the service providers have a strong influence on what phones people actually use.

Let's not even talk about Blackberries...
Motorola E680G its a Linux phone

Im a nerdy sort of person, surprisingly, I don't have many friends :(
I have an LG M4410

bought it more than a year ago and its still a great phone. Its got a MP3 player, 1.3 mp camera and expandable memory (currently has a 1 gig mini SD card) so it has every thing I could want. It takes pretty good photos as well...

here is an example of a photo I took with it.

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I recently "upgraded" to a PDA phone (I lost my old one...ooops) and I decided to go for it. I now have a HTC Blue Angel (marketed under many names...Siemens SX66, O2 XDA IIs, Dopod 700, etc....mine is actually a i-mate PDA2k) and it just amazing! Wi-fi (yes, there are a few hot spots in Nanning including my school), Bluetooth, Windows Mobile 2003SE, nice big PDA screen, 1 gig SD card for extra memory, so-so camera (the only real negative and the camera isn't THAT bad), a WAY COOL slide out QWERTY keyboard........all in all pretty damn nice. This was actually new as of late 2005/early 2006 (meaning that this model is now discontinued), but I was able to find it in a shop in Shenzhen. I always thought PDA phones were a little bulky to carry around, but with Bluetooth no problem - and I LOVE having Windows Mobile!!!:thumb:


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I'm not company is! That's the one they bought me...they always buy Nokia.
Nokia 4 LIFE :D

Sorry I am not conservative , but I've tried alot of brands , nothing is as User Friendly or As Feature rich as Nokias , they are not the best at everything , I mean not the best sound / camera / os .. but it has everything and thats just about what I need .

Altho I respect Sony Erickson alot , but having no Symbian OS makes me feel a bit unsatisfied .

we currently own a :

Nokia 6681 - 1.3mp cam - Smartphone
Nokia N70 ( My dads) - 2.0mp - Smarthphone
Nokia 7260 ( my moms ) - VGA camera
Nokia 3330 ( Old is Gold ) :D

non Nokia :

Sagem My-x2 << I have no idea how this phone is French ! I like French People's taste .. and design , but this is a BLACK DOT in their history :p


and since this is off-topic :D


lol just kidding
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Sony Ericsson Z550i

The last three phones have been SE, and they've all treated me well (except the joystick on the first two, but the Z550i doesn't have a joystick).
Nokia N73, with camera 3.2 pixels, symbian 9.x
did anyone know that nokia was from Finland?? is there anything else in this world that is "Finish" LOL
It's my stuff, French brand~ but purchased by TCL already~

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