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Tracy-CAE said:
I am a girl living in shanghai
Well done - a lass into cars!!!

Gender: Male (sorry another one!!)
Age: 32
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland UK.
Born: England (but my wife is Scottish born Chinese - does that make her an SBC???!!!)

Currently studying a Masters in Chinese Studies - this includes a year and a half crash course in Mandarin! I worked in motor sport before going back to Uni. Currently researching technology transfer in China using the automotive industry as a basis for case study.

Cars I own:
'76 Opel Commodore GSE, Transit MK1 Pickup, '69 Triumph Spitfire/GT6 hybrid. Some interesting cars I've owned in the last two years: Messerschmitt KR200, BMW Isetta, Rochdale Olympic, Berkeley SE328, Riley 1.5, Bedford CA van custom with a 2.8l V6 - the original had a 1500cc!! 2 Suzuki Cappuccino's.

Bit of a car nut really who likes the more oddball stuff, but it still has to have real design!!
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