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What other Chinese Car Makers should have their own Thread?

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Please suggest them here in this thread
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It is rumored that SAIC has indeed acquired the Rover name from BMW and that they will be putting it on the Rover 25 and stretched Rover 75 models that they own rights and some tooling for. In fact, they already have a 75 prototype running around.
It is also speculated that they plan to produce some of the cars in the UK like NAC with MG.
but doesnt nanqi have ROVER name?? cuz they produce MG ROVER i thought? so how can SAIC do this too?

im confused

It looks like SAIC will have Rover and NAC will have MG. NAC has the tooling for the "regular" R75/MGZT while SAIC has tooling for a long-wheelbase R75 and the blueprints/IP rights for the Rover 25. The R25 will probably be produced by both, but NAC/MG will call it MGZR, or a new MG name.
Hope I haven't just confused you more!
Hongqi ?

Maybe Hongqi could have it's own forum ?
ADMIN, how about a forum for Dongfeng ? It's a huge car company with many joint-ventures like Dongfeng-Citroen-Peugeot, Dongfeng-Nissan, Dongfeng-Honda, Dongfeng-Xinjiang (pick-ups, trucks), Dongfeng-Electric (electric cars, buses) etc.
yes i was thinking the same thing, im going to start up a dongfeng forum, thanks raul
dongfeng now officially has its own forum :)
What about MITSUOKA?

Beautiful, creative cars!
HEY GEORG..what car is that? can u post some more info about them? never heard of them
welcome GeorgZnaeym to chinacarforums :)

Please share more info with us about that car
Mitsuoka is a Japanese company which specializes in converting normal cars to classic designs.
In that case , Georg, we are a chinese car forum. not japanese:p
I know another small car maker in my city

My friends,I know a small company in my city.

The name is zhongneng
by the looks of the site, i think zhongneng is owned by FAW :rolleyes:
small truck assembler

Zhongneng, aka Bengneng, is a Taizhou motorcycle maker that also assembles vehicles using the ubiquitous Fudi-supplied SUV and pick up bodies.

You are right M14, Zhongneng is affiliated with FAW's light duty truck factory
up in Harbin that makes similar SUV's and pickups.

In June the Shanghai Daily said that sales of SUVs dropped 40 percent to 186,000 units in April from a month earlier, and fell further to 163,000 units in May and so It will be interesting to see just how long these small factories can remain profitable.

What's more there are restrictions on the use of pickups in some urban areas. But it seems like there should be a good market for them among increasingly prosperous farmers in the more western interior.
LM Star produce DADI hybrid car in Malaysia

Admin said:
Please suggest them here in this thread
DADI is not a very famous car producer in China. But it is a shock that it join venture with LM Star to produce a petrol/hydrogen hybrid vehicles using water as source. The saving could be as high as 50%.

Could some one explain to me how the technology works.
welcome to China car forums AdamC,
and hydrogen hybrid cars are still far from hitting the market i think
LM Star starts to produce DADI hybrid cars in Malaysia

The news were reported all over Malaysia newspapers on 16Aug 2006. The followings are some of the url and extracts from the Star newspaper.

The url is

LM Star used technology sourced from Dadi Auto of China through a joint venture.
The cars, assembled locally by Johor-based LM Star Autoworld Sdn Bhd, offer 50% fuel savings with a new technology called hydroxene (processing canister where water is broken into hydrogen and oxygen) which was developed by a local scientist.

LM Star president Abdul Uza Sheikh Mohamad told a press conference that in the initial stage, two models using the hydroxene technology would be open for booking within 10 days.

“We expect the cars to be on the street within the next two months,” Abdul Uza said, adding that the seven-seater SUV LMG Tourer was priced at RM58,888 and the four-door crew-cab LMG Trekker at RM84,888. Both models come with 2.4-litre engines.
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when they say they expect cars to be on streets in 2 months, they mean 2 years :rolleyes:
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