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At first, this seemed like a rehashed thread (we've discussed this before), but things have changed A LOT since then (then was a little over a year ago, when Geely was showing the CK at the Detroit auto show) - so it's probably a good topic to discuss now!

Honestly, we don't know all the details of the Chery/DCX contract (I'm sure we'll get all the details from RIHC - at least HIS version of the details), so who knows if Chery can sell Chery branded cars in the USA? I'm sure there is SOME kind of provision for it....but don't forget that whatever car Chery MIGHT want to sell on it's own in the USA (ASSUMING it's allowed in the contract of course), it will have to pass crash and emission standards! This is the challenge facing ALL chinese brands of course...........and probably right now the closest company to achieving that would be Brilliance in my opinion. They're already having to meet european standards......although euro IV emissions standards don't match american standards. Crash tests are about the same, so if Brilliance can meet USA emission standards (I'm sure they're already thinking about it) it COULD be the first chinese brand to sell under it's own name in the USA. We also don't know what progress Geely has made in regards to getting the CK (or whatever car they're considering for the USA market) to meet american standards - I don't think Geely took the time and money to show it's car in Detroit unless it had SOME kind of strategy to actually getting it to the USA to sell!!!

At this point, I'm guessing a spring 2010 introduction for WHATEVER chinese company is ready first...........I'm guessing Brilliance. HOWEVER, I think that if Brilliance doesn't have a small car as a price leader to get people in the showrooms, it will have a TOUGH time just having one model like the BS4. Why? That's in the same arena with the Accord, Camry, Altima, Chevy Malibu, Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion............a TOUGH playing field. Chery WILL gain valuable experience (as far as crash and emission standards) thru it's partnership with DCX......that could prove to be VERY important in the future. It's no longer a matter of's now just a matter of WHO and WHEN.:nod:
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