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What's happening at BAIC?
The company made another nice showing at the Beijing auto show this year but the dream metal we saw there will probably not hit the road for a while, at least in the case of the sedans.

Nowadays BAIC seems to be going in many different directions at once. But it's JVs with Hyundai and Daimler are doing well, not requiring much effort on BAIC's part. Perhaps that was why the JV with Chrysler was unable to endure, with no vintage wine coming out of that painful endeavor.
The Foton division also seems to be faring nicely, with its Forland logo seen on commercial vehicles all around China.

Recent reports said that BAIC might buy into the Fujian-Daimler venture down in Fuzhou, but that hasn't developed into much. We also heard that BAIC would produce in Hunan Province in the faraway south but that seems to be muted, or going forward at a snail's pace. While Chang'an is on a roll, striving for the No.3 spot, BAIC seems to be sleeping.

And what about those Saab-based sedans. Will BAIC be able to make the transition from the rough and forgiving 4X4s, to the demands of vibration and harshness-free sedans? That may take some doing and so it will be interesting to watch.

Oh and today gasgoo tells us that BAIC is the only maker in the top ten that is fully committed to developing pure EVs. That should be a challenging claim to live up to for the ole jeepmaker.

Well lately we are seeing strikes down in the south but no work stoppages in the north, so maybe we can conclude that everything is just dandy inside the gates of BAIC. Thank goodness for Hyundai and Daimler......

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It seems BAIC is at the moment comitted to the development of electric cars. Well at least according to Gasgoo.

Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co (BAIC) will focus on the electric vehicles in the sector of new energy vehicles, and on top of the Midi model, it will mass-produce the all-electric C73 and C30 models next year.

By 2015, the company expects the output of its new energy vehicles to reach 150,000 units and that of the key components to reach more than 320,000 sets, Lin Yi, vice-president of Beijing Automobile Research Institute, said last week in an interview.

"Currently, BAIC is the only carmaker, among the top ten domestic auto-making groups, who is fully committed to the development of all-electric vehicles," Lin said. "However, we will also take the initiative in developing the hybrid and other new energy technology and then adjust our strategies based on the advantages and disadvantages of each route."
Also media already caught Saab-based vehicles on Chinese roads. That means first of them should hit the showroom soon.
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