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SAIC, which had been Shanghai Auto and Tractor when it signed a joint venture agreement with VW in 1984, became SAIC in 1990, when the city of Shanghai municipal gov't combined the state owned company's many automotive-related subsidiaries into one.

I too look forward to someone giving a comprehensive history of Shanghai Auto and Tractor that goes back to the early days when President Hu Maoyuan began working for the company, and when the SH760 was being produced. I think it all began in 1958.

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toemo said:
... thanks "dragin" for your quick answer. I´m also looking forward to for detailed Infos about the history of SAIC.
Here is a brief history. I have got it from various news articles so don't guarantee that it is correct!

September 28 1958 - Phoenix (Shanghai brand) car assembly plant created - the Phoenix car was the only Chinese mass produced car and was produced until November 25 1991.

October 12 1984 - Formation of Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company - the first foreign joint venture in Chinese automotive history (50:50).

June 12 1997 - Formation of Shanghai GM joint venture (50:50).

June 16 2004 - Cooperation agreement signed with MG-Rover.

July 27 2004 - Purchase of Ssangyong Motor Company (48.9% ownership).

April 7 2005 - SAIC terminates joint venture negotiations with MG-Rover.

October 24 2006 - Launch of the Roewei, based on the MG-Rover Rover 75.

I can't work out when the Shanghai tractor Company and SAIC where formed, I have the following dates but they can not be correct:

1969 Shanghai Tractor Company formed.
November 29 2004 - Formation of SAIC

If anyone wants to add to or correct this then please post and I will update this post.
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