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Where and how to buy safely a EV in china?

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Have someone ben victim of a scam?

I looking on alibaba and the providers dont accept escrow.

Someone know a realible an trusted company that can export Electric vehicles safely?.

Thanks 4 all :)
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Assuming you are from Europe and wishing to purchase an EV for personal use, I would humbly suggest that you enquire with local importers of Chinese EVs than take the risk of directly importing one. Apart from trust issues regarding intermediaries, have you considered factors such as customs formalities, warranty, repair, spare parts? T-King and Xindayang, as far as I know, export their small EVs to some countries in Europe.

Our friend Erik (of CMVDC) has an establishment in France and I believe he may be competent in providing advisory services regarding car trade issues with car manufacturers directly. Here is his contact page and LinkedIn page. He is also a member on this forum.
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