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The Soyat factory looks set for a new life making SAIC own brand comercial vehicles

mguk said:

Preperations are in progress for LDV to set up it's new home at the currently unused Nanjing Automotive base in Wuxi with exports of parts to the UK. The Wuxi base was previously home to the Nanjing Soyat production lines and is located in the Wuxi Huihan Economic Development Zone just north of the city of Wuxi and about 150 km east of Nanjing.

LDV make their own commercial base in Wuxi
December 28, Shanghai Automotive, vice president and chairman of Xiao Pu made a special trip from Shanghai to Wuxi rushed. While not yet been formally approved, but the LDV commercial vehicle projects, has been closely tied to Xiao Pu of Wuxi.

Wuxi base is Shanghai Auto's acquisition of Nanjing Auto, the final one has not yet been used assets. Shanghai Auto's own brand commercial vehicle company - Shanghai Huizhong in Shanghai and has a production base in Yizheng, however, due to limited expansion of the Shanghai base, while the Yizheng affected by environmental factors, Shanghai Huizhong there are plans to quote from South Korea's Ssangyong Technology The "Istana" section of products from the original Yizheng moved to Wuxi. However, with the Ssangyong into the resuscitation procedure, coupled with the second half of the global recession of 2008, Shanghai Automotive related investment slowed progress, Wuxi base idle since.

The project is now expected to start next year. Shanghai Huizhong also acquired the UK light commercial vehicle maker LDV as part of the company's products and intellectual property. LDV's annual capacity of 13000, main products are series of Maxus vans and mini buses. Due to continued losses in recent years, once Russia's acquisition of a car enterprise, but because the financial crisis LDV did not revive, the Russian automobile enterprises wish to re-transfer of stake. Previously, Chen Hong said in an interview, Shanghai Automotive will jointly acquire local firms LDV British company. "The main to its intellectual property rights and the corresponding tooling mold to buy over, in the UK to retain part of the plant also produced, and our spare parts will be exported to the United Kingdom, in the local assembly, so that we can solve the wide-body passenger minibuses in the blank. "

This reporter has learned, Wuxi base will be made primarily to produce light buses slightly smaller than the NAC Iveco, directly with IVECO JMC Transit is currently the main competitor to compete. Future in Wuxi base, the first phase of the planning of production capacity is expected to reach 50 thousand vehicles.
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