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Hi there,
I'm a Belgian student writing a thesis on chinese cars and espacially on the First Automotive Works activities.
I'm working on the future penetration of chinese cars in Europe.
Could you please help me in answering some of my questions... I find it quite difficult to get informations about the subject :(

1. Do you know where to buy a Chinese car in Europe or in the US?
2. Which brand do you prefer?
3. Do you know where I can get the sales income of the FAW in the US or in Europe?
4. Do you have pictures of FAW's cars commercialized in the US?
5. Do you think Chinese cars are safe? Or even safer than European brands?
6. When do you think the FAW is going to penetrate the European market?

Thank you in advance for your precious help!!! :)

P.S.: Here is my e-mail address : [email protected]
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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