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pedgyboy said:
I am looking for a pickup for myself and friends in my island. I need a 4x4 diesel pickup, right hand drive, manual. But there seem to be so many china manufacturers. I like the great wall wingle pickup but they probably will not sell to me because there is an agent in our country already, so i have been in contact with xinkai and people who deal with the cfyz motor brands and I am particularly interested in the Z7 pickup from them. Which is good quality for family vehicle but also to transpot items like chairs and tables and bouncy castles for my small home based party business? I am also looking at getting a car from china but I am not sure if they are more costly than the 4x4 pickups. I really want a car that is stylish and classy looking but without the high price tag. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

thank you in advance for your reply.
I think Z7 pickup will be a better option. It is good for use.
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