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From Korea, we are about to import a chassis to build specialty electric car with none existence technology.

From China, which chassis is similar to TaTa car or even smaller ones like Smart.

Recommend us one chassis maker that we can consider import to Korea and build our prototype.

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Here is the list of chassis maker:-

1> Contact Details:-
2135 West Maple Road
City : Troye -MI48084
Country : United States Of America
Phone :+(1)-(248)-4351000
Fax: +(1)-(248)-4351393

2> No. 1/5, Building C, Jiangnan Shudou Industrial District
City : Quanzhou -362 000
State : Fujian
Country : China
Phone :+(86)-(595)-22426087/22455086
Fax: +(86)-(595)-22455769

Try to contact with him i hope you this will helpful to you.

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AXEL, yeah, if you just need one chassis try one of these. If you guys are going in to mass production you're gonna have ta strike some kind of deal for many chassis.

You guys are just doing some mods, right? Because I'm thinking of going in to the automotive field if you need some help! Message me with your e-mail address if you need some help with production, OK?
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