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Who can export and who can't?

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The regulation's effective date of March 1st has come and gone....

So who are the manufacturers that have proved they are capable of providing after-sales service along with a strong sales network?...... two of the key qualifications for a license to export?

The government regulation is designed to weed out the car makers who would make China look bad in the global marketplace.

Here are just a few of those that I think will be on the authorized list:
Great Wall
Harbin Hafei
Jianghuai JAC

But those dime a dozen SUV and light truck makers...well, we'll just have to wait and see which of those actually make it.

Of course all the joint venture partners are sure to be on the approved list.
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Roewe and MG cannot be exported accordng to that list.
Real_I_Hate_China said:
Roewe and MG cannot be exported accordng to that list.
The list is just the opinion of one person, though. Add to that, Roewe (SAIC) and MG (Nanjing) are both manufactured by joint venture partners.
How does that work if you already own foreign car factories? SAIC own Ssangyong and Nanjing own Longbridge in the UK.
There were over 1,000 exporters of cars last year, according to Chinese press. Some of them exported as few as 10 cars, the majority less than 50 cars each. Literally anyone can export a car in China.

It is whether you receive preferential treatment on shipping and financing. To receive that you need to be one of the eight preferential companies, some of which are foreign. Yeah Toyota, finally getting star treatment from Chinese government!!
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