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Who can restore classic cars in Shanghai

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Hi I am looking for someone who can restore classic cars in Shanghai. If anyone knows a good panelbeater with acess to the right equipment to do full restortions of pre 70's cars please let me know. Could be a good business oppertunity for the right company.
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I know a very good company in Chengdu, probably the best in China. But I don't know any company in Shanghai.
If it is an 'import', 'restore', 're-export' type business idea then China might not be the best place. This is because everyone I know who has brought cars into China has found it rather difficult, whether they be road cars or race cars.

Classic cars for restoration = don't conform to any standards and each one different is likely to be a problem, unless you can define them as 'waste for recycling' in which case I think you will find China is happy to import as much as possible!
On a more helpful note, try contacting the people at . You will see their website is about manufacturing for export, but they have, or had, a side business preparing hot street and track cars in Shanghai and had a workshop, connections etc.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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