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you'll find that even hyundai and kia are not that well accepted in the west

china are behind the 8 ball in that 'made in china' means shoddy especially with the lead paint and melamine scandals

there's already a lot of chinese brand oil filters, spark plugs and tyres and they are generally shit

they also need to change names - come up with a name that westerns will accept

none of the brands have what i would call names that are nice sounding to 'western ears'

ling long tyres? gonow? chery? fuqi?

I think they need to go with a Saturn or Eagle or some manufacturered stuff like Scion, Lexus, Infiniti.

At this point I would say it's better to concentrate on licensing engine technology. I feel there's not a huge way to go with internal combustion engines. Get some Europeans to design the body and suspension and make them safe. We will come back in 5 yrs and I guarantee this forum will be busy busy because the Chinese car will be common everywhere.

I'll give you an example. I would probably have no issue with buying a GWM Wingle type truck.

The Isuzu is only 2 or 3 stars. The Chinese one is the same. The Chinese need to use a modern DOHC direct injection turbo diesel engine.

Currently the Isuzu is $30,000 USD where I am with the 4wd dual cab body.

If GWM can make one for HALF the money with a comparable engine, why buy Isuzu?

They need to change the name. Wingle? What the hell? I know in the Chinese way "Winged Eagle" makes sense?

It makes zero sense in English. Is there an eagle without wings?

Name it the GWM Grand Tiger doesn't sound too bad. It is CLEAR though the Chinese need to hire Western consultants at pretty much every stage to make sure everything is palatable to Westerners.
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