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fm.illuminatus said:
Yea! 20! Here's my BMW's. 2000 540i ZSP (sport package) on the left, 1998 740il ZPP (Premium package... I think) on the right.

A few stats for those that don't know BMW's... both cars have 4.4 liter v8's making about 282hp/324ft/lbs and the 540i is 0-60mph (0-100km) in 6 seconds, and the 740il is about 6.8. Love the cars but they eat gas... about 14/mpg (16.2 liters per 100 kilometers), and the 740il is a maintence headache.

Another pic of the cars from the back...
hmm, if they're your cars, wouldn't you know the packages applied to them? and are you sure it isn't an alpina L7?
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