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Shanghai. August 29 ( --A recent survey shows women car buyers account for a record high 30.9% of the total Chinese car buyers in 2006. And the percentage will continue to rise in the future, experts say.

The survey, conducted by Sinotrust, a leading marketing research and consulting company, has polled 15,000 car owners in 24 Chinese cities. The result shows that percentage of female car buyer climbed from 20.3% in 2002 to 30.9% in 2006.

Chery Automobile, the leading Chinese brand automaker, launched its iconic QQ city car in May 2003. Now being revamped several times, Chery QQ is still the most preferred model by Chinese women consumers. Its cute outlook and mini size appeal a lot to Chinese young ladies.

Top10 models most preferred by Chinese women:

Chery QQ
Honda Fit
Nissan Tiida
GM Spark
VW Polo
Suzuki Swift
Chevrolet Sail
Peugeot 206
Audi A4
FAW Vizi (the redesigned model of Toyota Yaris)

Chery QQ is Chinese women's favorite car

More local automakers are casting their eyes on the potential women buyers. From the advertisements to the marketing survey and to the automotive design, local automakers has been closely watching the eve rising and changing demands from female consumers.

During the past five years, the Chinese auto market grew fast. In 2002, about 125,000 units of passenger vehicles were sold in Chinese market. In 2006, the total number went up to 416,000 units.

A Study made by CNW, an American marketing research company, shows that about 49 percent of new car buyers are women, and 80% of all the families planning to buy a car are influenced by the female family member. A separate survey shows female Japanese car owners' automobiles compromise 35% of the country's total vehicles in use; 35% of the cars traded in the French market are women-catering cars.
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