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Wuling-Guihua trucks

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Ever heard of Guihua trucks ??? It's one of the smaller manufacturers in rural China. Located in Nanning city, Guangxi province.

Nanning Wuling-Guihua website:


"Since 1966,we started making tractors and to be one of the best corporation which can make all style tractors completely in China. Since 1978 we started making stow machine and also build in solid storage for clients. Since 1985 we started making farm transport vehicle. These three kinds of products were all registered by "GuiHua" brand. Now , we have enough power to produce maximum 150,000 tractors and multifunctional tractors , 10,000 farm transport vehicle(including multifunctional minitype tractors), 10 solid storages,20 stow machines per year!! Our factory area is 260,000 squaremeters , we have secondary and advanced technology administer about 130 people, mostly equipment for manufacture about 843 sets, 270 million RMB assets in total,assets debt rate is 50 percent , vendition profit is above 200 million RMB per year, Since past pears we had made more than one million tarctors in accumulative total. "GuiHua"productions mostly export toVietnam,Malaysiam,SriLanka,Bengal,Thailand,India,Indonesia,Egypt,Burma,Brazil and so on...we export so many kinds of tractors 10,000 even more every year. In 1999,we set up "GuangXi GuiHua machine import & export Co,Ltd" ,average we make 5 million USD profit per year.We are big corporation which can make big profit from tractors exporting in China tractor industry.

With yearly exportation over 10,000 sets of walking tractors of various types, the series of products are mainly exported toVietnam,Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bengal, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Burma, Brazil and other countries. In 1999, Guangxi Guihua Machinery Ex-im Co., Ltd was established through shares holding. It is one of the largest foreign exchange earning enterprises of walking tractor industry in China, with the annuaaverageforeignexchange of $ 5 million."





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