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An Yuan Bus Manufacture Co., Ltd (An Yuan Bus) is located in high new technology industrial zone, Ping Xiang city, Jing Xi province, China, covering a total area of 35, 000 square meter, the register capital is 150, 000, 000 RMB. An Yuan Bus is the wholly owned subsidiary company of An Yuan Stock Company (600397), and the important bus company supported by Jiang Xi province.

An Yuan bus has the history for 30 years, and well known by the market. Until now, it has a completed production system including oversize vehicle, medium bus, light bus; Tourist bus, city bus, suburban bus, private coach, long distance coach, etc.

The market of An Yuan Bus has covered 28 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and held the 1/3 of total buses market in Shang Hai city; Entering Bei Jing city market from 2001, which has a high requirement on the environment. Rooted on An Yuan, looking forward to the world. When An Yuan Bus has gained the national market, we also explored the oversea market. Now, our company has sold the buses to Australia, USA, British, Malaysia, Jordan, Bengal, Vietnam and other countries. In October 2005, the agreement payment is 120, 000, 000 RMB, which is the biggest order of the Chinese buses sold to the developed country at that time. On 12th October, 2006, An Yuan Bus exported 21 pieces 13.7 meter luxury buses to USA, this is the biggest order which China buses exported to USA, which gets the admiration by all the bus manufacture enterprises.

Technology is the core comparative advantage of the enterprise to the market. An Yuan Bus now owned the most advanced bus manufacture fixture equipment and the completed detector devices. For example, the hexahedron body frame installation machine is the most important way to keep the precision of body; The panel roll equipment which bought from Japan have given the good quality for the roof R plate and side panel. An Yuan Bus also have shown the good quality of our buses through the roof panel stitching welding system and six main assys'production fixtures.

The good capability is the important factor to gain the market. An Yuan Bus now has passed the ISO9001 certificate, Chinese 3C forced certificate, Australian ADR, British VCA, American DOT certificate. Our company is the only one who has fetched in the technology of U shaped beam structure (gained the national patent) from Australia, the rollover spot test of that has been honored as "Chinese first export fall". Our company is the only one bus manufacture enterprise which passed the bus quality certificate in European countries and USA.

An Yuan Bus's development philosophy is specialty in vehicle, attention to people, directing the development of vehicle in the future, combined the human, technology, environment together well. Our company not only focused on the national market, but also explored the international market, at the same time, strengthened the technology, production quality, after sales, promoting our company's fame, and improve its market comparative advantages. Countering the new chances and challenge together with the globalization of Chinese buses.

PK 6112 AGH hybrid city bus

PK 6139 A 13 metre tourist bus

PK6109SH3/6119SH3/6121A4 tourist buses

PK6118A3 11 metre tourist bus
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