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Wuxi transportation Automobile CO., Ltd. is the national appointed enterprise for manufacturing and modifying of special purpose vehicle with many years of relevant experience in this industry.

Established in 1994 with registered capital of RMB 20 millions, our company is the wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Jinnan Group. Its registered trademark is “Jinnan ” and its various products and technology is approved for export market.

Our company is specialize in manufacturing and modifying of the following five series of products, i.e. environmental sanitation vehicle, medical treatment ambulance, coach, electrical engineering vehicle and garbage compression station & devices. Beside we also accept customized order to fabricate other special purpose vehicle such as special security truck for cash-in-transit etc to meet up with the varying needs of the customers.

Our products received good reputation from the domestic automobile market, special purposed vehicle industry, national environmental sanitation department, medical organization, power supply department, transportation department. It had gain considerable market share in the special purpose vehicle industry especially in the province of Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Zhengjiang, Jiangxi. We also export our products to Latin American, South East Asia and Eastern Europe.

Our company has advance facility, fine technology and experiences. We were accredited with ISO 9001:2000 quality systems in 2003 and passed the audit for the factory quality assurance capability conducted by the National Certification & Inspection Management Committee.
Our entire product were checked and passed by the National Automobile Quality Inspection Centre in respect of Safety and Environment Testing, and Specialized Performance Assessment. It was listed on the “Product Proclamation” issued by the National Development and Reform Committee and obtained the China Compulsory Certification (CCC). We produced high quality and reliability products supported by excellent after sales service that offer complete & trouble –free solution to meet with your requirement.

Our company is located beside the scenic Tai lake of Wuxi city in Jiangsu Province. Its strategic geographical location just next to Wuxi-Jiangsu highway allowed extremely convenient transportation. We cordially invite all interest enterprises to jointly establish a suitable platform for various special purpose vehicles. We are committed to offer high quality product, efficient business mechanism and the most complete after sales services for all our customers. You are sincerely welcome to further explore business opportunity with us, and together we may fulfill our dream to create a brighter future.

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