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XD Concept

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This car could reach 100km/h from a standstill position in a mere 7.7 seconds. The DOK-ING XD is a small three-seat electric city concept car created by DOK-ING[2]. The name XD comes from oddly shaped rear lights ("X" shaped) and "D" beginning letter of the company's name. XD can travel over 250 km on a single charge with lithium iron phosphate batteries.The car has a low drag coefficient factor of only 0.35. Other features include 360 degree airbags, butterfly doors, an integrated safety system for electric stability, ABS brakes and power steering. Currently, the only planned non-Croatian part will be the 32 kWh battery which can go for 200-250 kilometers with a charge time of between three and eight hours. The first prototype is expected to be complete by the end of 2009 and serial production is predicted to start mid-2010. DOK-ING exhibited the car at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.
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hello marko and welcome to forum :thumb:
personaly i like that something good start to happend in croatia and really support this project, however i think that producer must try all what he can to got most acceptable price for customers, during this year we also try to start production of mini electric trucks in croatia but the goverment wasn't intrested in that, so i am wondering if this company will have more success with them

also there is other problem, mentioned price of this model will be between 20000 and 30000€ which is really too expensive, i hear this price on tv and read in some medias, car must be acceptable for all type of customers, not only for rich one who can afford 3 seat city car for them

here is most attractive chinese electric car, byd f3dm, with range for over 400 km, it will be used by chinese goverment first, with final price between 16000 USD in china


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here are some photos of other brands, here is gelly model panda, you have hear i am sure that gelly recently buy volvo

here is great wall kulla model, also 5 seater

here is a complete electric suv, other other chinese car market will start to offer their small suv in sell very soon, based on diahatsu model

here is dongfeng electric mini buses and commercial vehicles, which in germany cost between 12000€

price of all of this models is much acceptable, also many of them are offering normal using model for familyes and other, while in small XD it will be quite difficult to drive whole family and carry their luggage with them

i really hope that small XD will be first croatian car, but there is still a long way and if our croatian goverment will not support this project it will be very difficult to get good final price for customers
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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