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Xiaolong, pronounced “Shout Lone”, which means the Fierce Dragon. A dragon is a mythical creature symbolizing majesty and dominance in Chinese culture.

Established in 2006, Xiaolong Automotive Technologies Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles that provide advanced off-road mobility suitable for demanding work conditions to special clients from all industries.

Our company is located in Changfu New City, Wuhan where a highly developed city for the automotive industry. Currently it covers an area of 130,000 square-meters factory site with complete processing capacity and equipment and a 3,000 annual production capacity of various specs of chassis and vehicles.

The company is led by the president, Mr. Zhou Chuiyuan , Chief Engineer Mr. Zhu Baishan and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Xiao Shuangxi. Our team consists of over a hundred professionals of various fields in Research & Development, and over 200 senior technicians and expert workers in production. In order to create and maintain a learning, knowledgeable and efficient organization, the company's long term human resource strategy focuses on achieving optimal combination of age and specialties, skill development and training and ongoing human resource activities to anticipate company growth.

Considering a market oriented approach in global perspective, we have a vision of market changes and frontline vehicular technology development, and we have the resources to carry out research and development based on customer demands. Our management capacity plans and emphasizes on adaptation of information technology to assist in research, communication, marketing and production. We also systematically completed management and quality control related attestations and certifications.

In the aspect of Research & Development, Xiaolong vehicles' research institution, the ATTAC Vehicle Design and Research Institute (See Institute for details),which is a specialized branch with many years of accumulated knowledge and complete group of expertise. It is highly experienced in vehicle and particularly off-road vehicle technology research and development. ATTAC is specialized and capable of advance research, concept design, prototype building, test and analysis, and product launch.

Our products, Xiaolong vehicles are highly mobile multipurpose wheeled vehicles that can be used in all-terrain, all road types and all-weather conditions. Its remarkable mobility is from its unique chassis technology and excellent power-to-mass ratio. The whole range of vehicles' performance is comparable to the top-class off-road vehicles of the world today.

In addition, Xiaolong series consist of a group of products. As a result of platform design strategy, there are over 30 models in the series with most of the assemblies universal. By different configurations of the assemblies, models can be made in various dimensions, payloads and different drives for various utilities. Xiaolong vehicles could be widely used in oil industry, mining and forest industries, natural hazard control, geological survey and inspection, regional security and stability applications and other specialized applications with special equipments. (See Product section for details)

Moreover, end users of Xiaolong vehicles usually have unique applications that demand customized chassis modifications. As such, not only do we provide products of high mobility and quality at a reasonable cost, we also provide industrial solutions for our clients' special needs. We can re-configure and in some cases completely re-design and re-build our chassis to meet the desired parameters of the final products to achieve maximal performance and economical benefits. Generally speaking, some modifications are far more beyond the concepts of manufacturers, but they can be realized or surpassed in Xiaolong.

Reliability and quality are our ultimate objective. During the over ten years of development of Xiaolong vehicles, we had tested more than 20 vehicles of various models and accumulated over 500,000 km of test mileage. In addition, in August of 2006, Xiaolong was selected by China's Police Department to participate the “2006 Xinjiang Off-Road Vehicle Rally Championship of China's Police Force” as recon-naissance vehicles. The over 8000 km remarkable and adventurous journey took Xiaolong around the Altai Mountain, through the Grand Valley of Tianshan Mountain and across the Gobi Desert and drove along the ancient Silk Road. It has demonstrated unquestionable durability and off-road ability. China Central Television, China's most prominent TV channel, closely followed this epic journey and frequently broadcast featured programs of the campaign on CCTV 5 during May, 2007.

In 2009, nine Xiaolong vehicles formed two teams took a trip over 20,000 km through Tibet and Xinjiang. Not only did Xiaolong traveled all four major national routes in and out of Tibet, drove on lands uninhabited by man, but also collected substantial valuable performance data of the off-road vehicles in high temperature and high altitude operations.

Tibet and Xinjiang have some of the most extreme conditions in the world, namely the year-long harsh weather, the lack of oxygen, the high temperature difference and possibly the most toughest terrains in China. It was an impossibly risky journey with a few close calls, but Xiaolong vehicles' off-road ability and quality were well suited for this kind of task and it persevered to the end.

Not many can say that.

We believe that the advance of Xiaolong vehicles will some day reach the most remote corners of the world and benefit human off-road activities in very profound ways.


Xiaolong XL 2060:

Xiaolong XL 2080:

Xiaolong XL 2060L:

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